Monthly Archives: June 2011

Fathers’ Day Ginger-Nut biscuits

So, this year, I sort of forgot about Fathers’ day until what we might call the last minute. It’s ok, I thought, what my dad would really appreciate is some baked goods. So it needed to be quick, Dad-friendly, and for the ingredients to be available in my store cupboard. I turned to the inestimably brilliant Dan Lepard for inspiration. I think I knew in my head I was looking for ginger biscuits, my dad’s always liked gingernuts, and so it all made sense to me when I found this. Except I didn’t have any macadamias, or time to go to the shops. It’s ok, though, I thought, I’ll sub with some hazelnuts I have that are taking up space in the cupboard, with a stir of salted peanuts for the salty tang Dan recommends. For good measure, I tossed the hazelnuts in salt with a drop of water to make it stick, and popped them in the oven while it was preheating.

The next hurdle was sugar. Dan asks for light brown soft. Now I buy a lot of different sugars very often, but do have a bit of a tendency to think of my storecupboard as infinite, and it appears that I had used up, and not replaced, the light brown soft.So instead I finished up a packet of billington’s light muscovado, with a crumble of molasses sugar and topped up the rest with white caster (in my head, the latter two sort of balance out. But the molasses doesn’t mix brilliantly in biscuits).

The rest went according to plan. Pretty much. Except I was a bit nervous about when to take them out. And I was late to meet the folks – that’s not the biscuits’ fault though.  The end result? My dad was thrilled, of course. They’re not my favourite biscuits I’ve ever had. The peanuts were a mistake – they dominate. With the ginger and coconut, though, there’s a definite south east asian vibe and I sort of think of them as satay biscuits.  The texture is a soft, chewy cookie texture which is often hard to achieve and rather pleasing but if I was doing them again I’d leave them in a little longer as I felt the flavour was a little pale and premature. The fault of me, my shitty oven and lack of focus on the clock rather than Dan, although it would have been nice to have a clue about how  they should look beyond 15 minutes (some of us have shitty ovens…)

Oh and we went to see School for Scandal at the Barbican. Really fun and pacy, staging and costumes great. Also, the cafe latte ice cream at the Barbican is really yum.


Sushi for lunch

One of my best Christmas presents this year was a voucher for a sushi lesson at Yo! Sushi. I went a few weeks ago and learned the basics of how to put together sushi rolls. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the Japan Centre and have made a few initial attempts at making my own. I need to properly set aside more time – these ones are a bit rushed and messy as a result. A change from Pret’s overpriced offerings, no? Anyway, here’s some red pepper maki and some cucumber (british, carefully washed!) and smoked salmon (only sainsburys – I’m not venturing into sashimi territory until i get better at sourcing fish) maki.

My balcony garden is loving the mix of rain and sun we’ve had